Dear Adamus - EP

by Dear Adamus

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released September 5, 2014

Track Listing:

1. Rose Petals
2. Kiss Of Moonlight
3. Juniper (feat. Caitlin Neathery)
4. Chapter 1: “Blood, Diamonds & Gold”
5. Come Outside


Rose Petals (additional music by Lesley Webb – Violin):
There's a color in your mind. A sound in your throat. A feeling in your eyes. These are the words you wrote. And you looked for recognition, but you were a young man who made the wrong decisions. And you would if you could, but you were misunderstood. And we are the petals of a rose, as the season’s change, we go as the wind blows. And nobody knows, where we'll go. And nobody knows, where we'll go. Tempted frustration, of regret. A torn suit, and a burned dress. You're right; I'm not ready for this. It’s just something I'll have to miss. There's so many things I wish I could say. But the stars in the sky, fade away. It doesn't matter anyway, I'll die, I'll be okay. And we are the petals of a rose, as the season’s change we go as the wind blows. And nobody knows, where we'll go. And nobody knows, where we'll go. Are you listening, are you listening my dear? Are you sleeping, are sleeping my dear? Are you dreaming, are you dreaming my dear? Are you waiting to disappear?

Kiss Of Moonlight:
Tell me your first name so I don't forget. I want to know if something's gonna stay the same, when the rain comes and washes us away. And I know that's what you wanted all along, to keep this going on and on, and on and on. Through the days, through the nights. I'll keep staring for the strangest little sights. Put those things down, lets play a little game. I want to burn down the city until we see rubbles and broken little flames. And you know that's what I wanted along, to keep this burning on and on and on and on. Through the days. Through the nights. I'll keep staring past the sun for a kiss of moonlight. Tell me your first name, put those things down.

Juniper (additional lyrics by Taylor Byrd):
I've been pretending to know the easy way out, but I'll keep smiling without my mouth. Invisible, yes you are. Your clothes can't hide everything, like your scars. Eat my soul, or let me go. Rip my heart out my chest or let me rest. It's been so long I've been standing here stuck in the same old place. For many months and many days, I forgot your face. Disappear in the fire that burns. You can't shed a tear from the lessons you've learned. Eat my soul, or let me go. Rip my heart out my chest or let me rest. My skin unravels as you pull the string. If you only knew what true love can bring. I'd wait here for you; it's all I can do. Eat my soul or let me go. Rip my heart out my chest or let me rest.

Blood, Diamonds, & Gold:
We hide behind these poorly painted doors, but we can't help to find why we wanted more. We're fools I know. Count your blessings, not your scars. All you'll do is set off alarms. You're scared, it shows. But did you hear the news? Yeah we're waiting for you. And did you hear the sound? Of us wasting around. So take it easy, move slow. You're more precious than blood, diamonds, and gold. When keeping quiet becomes a trend, it leads to our explosive ends. We're about to blow. You keep walking but you don't move. Stop your lying, give us the truth. Where's your proof? But did you hear the news? Yeah we're waiting for you. And did you hear the sound? Of us wasting around. So take it easy, move slow. You're more precious than blood, diamonds and gold. But if you had to know, I'd rather you stay than go. If you had to know, I'd rather you stay. But what are you crying about now? You got burn by a cigarette. But if you had to know, I'd rather you stay than go. If you had to know, I'd rather you stay.

Come Outside:
I counted your fingers, everyday at a quarter past three. Nothing seemed to change, except for how close they got to me. That's what you wanted, me to see. Your hair sure did grow, so far outside of your window. And I'll be spending my days, cutting it down so I can see your face. ‘Cause no one's seen it months, weeks, or days. Months, weeks, or days. But I promise, no one's gonna laugh at you. December gave you a home, but it left you cold, tired, and alone. And you'll be stuck in your room. You said you wouldn't leave until the first of next June. Oh the sun is waiting for you. You yelled out words from a daydream, and details on exactly what they mean. And I'll sit here confused. You've lost your mind if you want to know the truth. There's nothing I can say or do. Say or do. But I promise, I'm always gonna love you. Could you just come outside? There’s nothing to hide.

Special Thanks: The Di Croce Family, The Dunn Family, The Wilkins Family, Jack Morgan, L I N A, The SOS, Cabaret Runaway, That’s How I Beat Shaq, Shaka’s, God Save The Queen Booking, Jon Dorner, the neighborhood families of Lagomar, YourMusicShow, Bob “Bdub” Wright, Joe Davis, Electroganic, Berkley Adam, Daniel Rhan, Shaun James, Taylor Byrd, Lesley Webb, and The Dominion Collective.

Ray: Boy Be Golden, though you guys aren't a band anymore I thank you all. For you gave me my first show so many years ago that really changed my life for the better. James Nee, hearing your music is was sparked me to want to make my own music and it fueled me even more knowing you were from here. To my best friends who have been there for me even when I didn't realize needed the help, for the times I needed to get something off my chest and you sat there and listen to me, Jesse Taylor, Alex Venezia, Michael Crawford, Joe Murphy, Chris Kleppe, Miranda Chandler, Lauren Singh, Caitlin Neathery, Kenneth Randolph, Mason Shuck, Ryan Frasher, Bryan Mahon, Chelsea Neal. I want to thank my mother and father. Mom, thank you for showing me the meaning of creativity and to be happy with the skin you have and the life you live and to never be anyone else but yourself. Dad, I want to thank you for believing in every idea I've had and driving hundreds of miles just see us play in front of a few people in a backyard and to keep chasing my dream, no matter the risks that will come my way. To my brother Randall, for your tough love as an older brother helped me realized that you have to work hard, each and every day if you want to see you results, be better, stronger, smarter, faster than you were yesterday. To my older sister Ryan, you were my first glimpse of what the love music can do for you. To our biggest fan Morgan Potter, your dedication to this band has not gone unnoticed, we appreciate you and each gift bag you've given us and for being at each and every show. To my bandmates, Chris and Severin, you are two are my brothers and though are times I want to slap you on the head, I am grateful to be sharing the shows with you both. You teach me and help me to be a better musician. I feel the passion from you both each time we get on stage. I love you guys with all my heart. Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter, from your advice on music has shaped my musical life since day one, "when you write from your heart, the true fans will come." So thank you to all the Dear Adamus fans out there, you are with me always and I will love you always for listening to us and being there at shows. And thank you, to you as well, Adamus…

Chris: I'd like to thank my friends for being there for me through this new life of mine. Thanks to my family for the support and to Severin's family, especially his father for all of his help I needed. Big thanks the to all the local bands in the beach. Thank you to James Mason from The Vantage for making me comfortable with my writing. Also huge thanks to Donald Glover for showing me how to understand and appreciate myself. Grayson Taylor and Kevin Lomax, thank you for sticking by my side. Thank you to my little sister Felicia, who sees so much passion in myself and the band, when sometimes I fall shy of my own acceptance. And the biggest thanks to all of our fans, who are a huge part of what this is. I can't thank them enough for just being genuinely great people to be around. I'd like to thank Ray and Severin for being the missing puzzle pieces to a picture we're still attempting to convey. You've taught me to love myself. Sometimes it's okay to have a dark side, who doesn't? Finally, thank you for listening our music and taking the time to get to know us. There's so much more to find out.

Severin: I would like to start off by saying thanks to God for blessing me with the wonderful talents and opportunities that I’ve received and been a part of. Thanks to my family for their continuous support and love throughout the years. If it wasn’t for their sacrifices and giving me a chance to pursuing the art in which I love, who knows where I’d be today. P.S - I’m sorry about all the noise I’ve put you through and all the money you spent for it all! I’d also like to thank all of my teachers, mentors, band directors, percussion technicians, and supportive friends who’ve been there since day one. I am incredibly blessed to have you all in my life. Your understanding and acceptance of all these times I’ve spent being a part of the music world. Sometimes, others don’t understand nor support the arts. You don’t know how much it means to me. Thanks to the local bands we’ve every played with and to the fans who are constantly at our shows. Ray and Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you. Without the teamwork, dedication, and all the hard work you guys put in, this band would not exist. Seriously, I love you guys so much. Lastly, I want to thank the drummers of 311 (Chad Sexton), Incubus (Jose Pasillas), and Blink – 182 (Travis Barker). Your drumming has heavily influenced mine. Thanks for doing what you do best. To Matt Robinson, thank you for pushing and helping me all these years to become a better drummer. I still remember my freshman year of high school and you showing me how to improve as a drummer. This is just the beginning for Dear Adamus. I’m ready for the challenges that await us.

Produced by:
Severin Di Croce

Engineered by:
Jack Morgan and Severin Di Croce

Mixed by:
Severin Di Croce

Mastered by:
Bob “Bdub” Wright

Art and Design by:
Chris Wilkins and Raytheon Dunn

Layout and Design by:
Joe Davis

All music written by:
Dear Adamus
Instagram: @dearadamus

Guitar and Vocals | Raytheon Dunn
Bass and Vocals | Chris Wilkins
Drums and Percussion | Severin Di Croce



all rights reserved


Dear Adamus Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dear Adamus, comprised of Raytheon Dunn, Chris Wilkins, Jon Callahan, Chelsea Elliott, and Severin Di Croce. They reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Dear Adamus is an Indie/Alternative band.

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